Onsite Drumming for Team Development



Researchers have found that employee engagement can boost productivity by 30%. Drumming is a unique opportunity to increase engagement in a fun and playful atmosphere.


As team members unite together in rhythm, they begin to synchronize in ways that reach beyond the musical experience. Creating music as a group is an age old way to bring people together, so why not your team?


As your team becomes more engaged and united, your company's creativity will increase, communication will improve, and your business will grow with happier, more productive team members.

We start with a Needs Assessment with feedback directly from your team, then design a workshop series based on YOUR unique team goals. We use drumming and music as a fresh and engaging catalyst for change, and your team will LOVE the opportunity to create together!

We recommend a series of 4x60 minute workshops either 1x or 2x/month for maximum results. 

You are welcome to add more workshops afterward to keep the momentum moving toward your goals.

While many recreational team builders offer a one time "inspire and forget" event, we help your team increase passion, productivity, creativity, and help build a creative culture that will last.

Workshop Series

Our Team Development Programs focus on improving organizational health from the inside out. We target your unique needs over a series of 4 customized workshops with individualized company goals and objectives.

Events are one time workshops with an emphasis on active music making and creativity. 

There is always a message of collaboration, harmony, creativity, team building, and fun woven into each unique workshop, and your team will increase energy, decrease stress, and improve morale!

*Companies may choose to schedule multiple events on the same day for a reduced rate.

Drumming Events

We offer a variety of topics that are designed to meet your unique needs. Is your team looking for stress relief? We have a workshop for that. Is your team widely diverse and need to better connect with each other? We have a workshop for that.

Or perhaps you feel a need to help your team develop unity in order to improve a healthy culture and positive communication? We have a workshop for that.

Whatever you need, we've got you covered. We're experts at applying fun and motivating music based activities to the workplace, and we're excited to do it for you!

Customized Event Themes 

Stress Relief






What People Are Saying

"Jaycie was so much fun and we learned a lot!"
Team Member
Ronald McDonald House SLC
"It was nice to have an interactive and different experience."
Team Member
Ronald McDonald House SLC
"This was really fun! A good, fun way to learn about teamwork and unity."
Team Member
Ronald McDonald House, SLC

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We look forward to working with you to design your energetic, top notch program or event. 

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