What Does it Cost to Drum It Up with Your Team?

We offer two types of services: One time events, and a Team Development Program series. 

Either way you go, your team will be inspired and refreshed by creating music together, and you'll be SO glad you made the investment in your team.

Workshop Series

$500 per workshop

Minimum 4 workshops

Up to 30 Employees*

60 Minute Workshops

Company Vision Interview

Customized Workshops

Measurable Company Goals

Comprehensive Needs Assessment


**Contact us for Non Profit Rates

Team Building Events

$800 per event

Price up to 50 employees

(+$15 per each additional person after 50)

60 Minute Workshop

Company Vision Interview

Professional, Individualized Service



*Contact us for Non Profit Rates

Do I have to sign a contract?

We have a basic service agreement for both Programs and Events that outline the details, dates, and agreed cost. 

Can I try out your drumming workshop first?

Definitely. We offer a free 30 minute demo to any company wanting to see what this drumming thing is all about before committing. We realize this is new for most companies, so we want to make sure you know exactly what to expect!

Is there a minimum?

We require a 4 workshop minimum for Team Development Programs in order to guarantee progress. With Events, you simply bring us in for one awesome experience.

Do I have to put down a deposit?

For events under $800, we don't require anything but a credit card number to hold your reservation. For events over $800, we hold a 50% deposit for your event.

Request a Demo

Our free 60 minute demo (up to 20 participants) will give you an inside look at how drumming impacts your team, your morale, and whether you want to jump in for more!