The Mission of Corporate Harmony

Our purpose is to help teams thrive by igniting passion, promoting unity, clarifying purpose, and strengthening team relationships through effective team development workshops.

Who We Are

We specialize in providing on site team development workshops in Utah.

Our approach is unique not only because we use drumming, but because we are Board Certified Music Therapists. As Team Development Facilitators, we are uniquely qualified to approach team building with a focus that involves so much more than simply having a good time.

Our approach goes beyond the typical "fun and games" or "inspire and forget" of many team building programs. We work to understand the inner workings of your team and ignite a lasting transformation.

We help identify challenges that may be keeping you from reaching your goals, and we address those challenges using unique and engaging music-based activities

We absolutely LOVE what we do, and you will too!

How Drumming Will Benefit Your Team

We go beyond just providing a fun event. We're experts in using the power of play to motivate, educate, and build bonds within your team. We helps teams build camaraderie and teach them how to strengthen and maintain it even after the event is over. 

Here are a few of the benefits that come with drumming:

Strengthens Ability to Work As a Team

Creating music together requires team members to listen, respond, create, and connect with each other. All of these elements add up to a stronger and more synergistic team.

Enhances Listening and Communication Skills

By its very nature, music requires listening. When someone is "off" the beat, everyone can hear it, and we can use that to help your team improve their skills in listening and effective communication.

Helps People Loosen Up

Creative drumming turns off the "thinking brain" and allows teams to loosen up and have fun with their coworkers. 

Enhances Creativity

Drumming accesses areas of the brain responsible for creativity, and can turn off areas of the brain responsible for criticism and judgement. Your team will walk away from a drumming workshop with renewed vision and a brain primed for creativity! 

Decreases Stress

Research shows that creating music with a group has a more significant impact on decreasing stress than "chilling out" with a magazine or a favorite show.

Transcends Cultural Differences

What better way to teach the importance of diversity than through everyone playing their own part? When your team is drumming, culture and language are no longer barriers, and as a result they will connect with each other in profound ways.

STEP 1: Design Your Program

When you're ready to design your Team Development Program we will be with you every step of the way, starting with our powerful Team Needs Assessment. 

Or, if you would like to provide an Event, just book and skip to Step 3!


STEP 2: Needs Assessment 

With Team Development Programs we start with a powerful Needs Assessment to learn about your company's needs directly from team members.

The Assessment will serve as a basis for setting goals and designing workshops throughout your program.


STEP 3: Get Your Groove On!

We'll come in and lead an individually tailored team building workshop full of invigorating rhythm, laughter, and playfulness. We'll use music to teach key concepts affecting your workplace and how to overcome challenges. 

STEP 4: Reap the Benefits

Employee engagement goes up. Your team is less stressed, more creative, and has a better handle on how to tackle the day to day challenges in front of them. Your people enjoy the workplace more and you walk away the hero.