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Happier employees means a more productive and efficient workplace. Because drumming has a direct impact on mood and health, incorporating it into your workplace will boost morale and your profits too.


Drumming has been shown to improve mood and even the immune system. With happier and healthier team members your productivity will increase, bringing your bottom line along with it.


Big changes happen when teams work well together. And nothing brings a team together quite like a little bit of drumming. And harmony, of course.


Research shows that drumming has a direct impact on decreasing stress responses. Imagine having a team that feels less stressed and ready to conquer their projects!

What is Corporate Harmony?

At Corporate Harmony, team building is not just about having fun (although it certainly can be!)

It's about identifying barriers to real team connection, and using tried and true methods to tackle those challenges and come out on top by building Harmony among your team.

We will work with your team to overcome interpersonal & trust issues, ignite passion and dedication, and increase team member buy-in.

We'll create music with your team to help them experience what SYNERGY feels like. 

It's not just a band-aid approach to team building. It's an inside-out approach that will give your team hands on experience connecting with each other in a tangible way.

They'll walk away craving the same harmony in the workplace, and they'll know it's actually possible.


We'll come into your business, create awesome music with your team, drive home key concepts for a healthy workplace, and boost morale and productivity in a big way.

Simply gathering in a circle and pounding out a killer beat is wildly motivating, unifying, and downright fun.

Corporate Drumming teaches valuable concepts, promotes unity, and saves precious time and money by boosting morale and decreasing turnover.

If you're looking for a team building activity that is fresh, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining, then jump in with Corporate drumming!

Jaycie Voorhees, MM, MT-BC

Executive Director & Workshop Facilitator

Jaycie Voorhees, MT-BC is a mover and shaker in Salt Lake City, bringing harmony to corporate, wellness, and therapeutic groups through her company Harmony Music Therapy.  

With over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur and Board Certified Music Therapist, Jaycie has held a leadership position as president of the Utah Association of Music Therapy for 4 years where her leadership skills brought about significant growth and program development.

A passionate entrepreneur, she is focused on the evidence-based application of music, sound, and rhythm through private practice, agency contracts, corporate events, and wellness programs. Jaycie combines her zest for life with her passion for music, bringing energizing and effective change to her clients and their teams.